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Naked and Time Sensitive

In this edition, we discuss stockpiling Naked juices for inevitable future hangovers I mean for recovery drinks after long runs during marathon training. 

There’s not a lot of time left on this one because the Shopmium rebates on all the types of Naked juices expire tomorrow night (7/25/14). I think you can submit after that, but you can’t buy the product after 11pm Eastern time, so we’re looking at 24 hours to get all the variations of Naked you didn’t yet buy.

Here’s why it’s suddenly such A Thing: they’re on sale at Publix for $2, which is already pretty great, but there was a $1 blinkie in front of the ones at my closest store. If you have that kind of luck, you’re looking at paying $1 per juice before you even submit to Shopmium for your rebate, which is also $1 per juice. $2 - $1 - $1 = 0??!

The Shopmium rebates are $1 each for five different types: Protein (which I bought a long time ago during what I thought would be the apex of my Naked juice-related pride, but then wasn’t even), and these four soldiers pictured below- Pure Fruit, Veggies, Chia, and Boosted.

These aren’t the only Shopmium rebates that pair with the new ad week at Publix, and Publix obviously isn’t the only place you can buy them or find a deal on them, but it isssss time sensitive. 

If you’re following along a little too closely, you may notice that one of my previous Naked purchases was a “Boosted” varietal. Well, JFYI, I submitted that one (grrrrreen machine!) for the plain old “Naked Juice” rebate with no specified flavor or type. And thank fuck I did! Now, go get your own. 

TL;DR  -  free, free, free, free, I’m the king of the world

I Spaced on a Cookie Rebate

Ooh! I almost forgot to submit a Shopmium rebate request, much less blahg about this, but last week I got a package of Chips Ahoy cookies for $0.45.

There was a day or two when a BOGO Chips Ahoy deal at Publix overlapped with one of the new Nabisco brand Shopmium offers (see also Fig Newtons and HoneyMaid Grahamfuls). If you were giving a sales flyer the ol’ flip-through right before you recycled it, and realized that you could get some moderately shitty cookies for under a dollar, what would you do? Well, that’s exactly what I did. Popped into Publix, picked out one of the many late capitalism, cross-promoting flavors, bought ‘em, and tore into the bag.

ok, first i let it go through the sniff test, then i ate them. 

Regularly $2.89, the cookies were $1.45 during the last ad week, and the Shopmium rebate is for $1 off.

Sidenote. How do you Shopmium? This is how: Download Shopmium on your iPhone or Android (, and (optional, obvy) sign up with my referral code MKEGAFQG. (It used to be that you got a chocolate bar and I got $2, but I don’t know if that’s true anymore? Anyway, if we ever meet IRL, I will just give you a chocolate bar. (I’m a couponer, remember. I can give you a bunch of toothpastes, too.))

Turns out, these little trans fat discs are not what I hoped they’d be. All the flashy new flavors seemed pretty borderline, so I chose the one I thought would balance out the gross factor. If I could do it over… well, obviously I would do it again, I’d just get the crunchy originals. Or the ones filled with Oreo cream.

Where’s that Do Not Buy list I made a long time ago? I have something new to add. 
Now only $4.09!!

Where’s that Do Not Buy list I made a long time ago? I have something new to add. 

Now only $4.09!!

Detroit activists block trucks sent to shut off water | Al Jazeera America

Some 50 demonstrators on Thursday held a protest outside the offices of Homrich, a company contracted by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) to stop the flow to residences at least two months past due on their accounts. At least nine of the activists were arrested by Detroit police and charged with disorderly conduct when they temporarily blocked trucks from leaving the company’s parking lot. They were released on bail hours later.

While the protest was relatively small, activists say it’s a sign of things to come if DWSD continues shutting off water lines. The activists say that in a city with a poverty rate of 44 percent, and where water bills are higher than in much of the country, Detroit should work out a solution with poor residents instead of leaving them dry. Otherwise, they say, they’ll have no other choice but to take to the streets.

“I warned the water department that if they did not immediately stop the shutoffs, these things will take place,” said Demeeko Williams, an activist with the Detroit Water Brigade. “People are mad. This is the first resistance, and there will be more.”

Critics say that DWSD has been unnecessarily aggressive in pursuing delinquent accounts since it began ramping up shutoffs in April. Williams said the department has shut off accounts of families with young children, as well as houses with the disabled and elderly residents.

The water department says it needs to shut off the water to recoup some $175 million in outstanding bills. But DWSD has also been accused of ignoring the debts of large entities — like a golf course that owes $437,000 and the state of Michigan itself, which owes $70,000 — while going after people who owe as little as $150 on their accounts.

DWSD says there are sufficient payment plans and assistance programs in place to help those who fall behind on their bills.

But nearly 50 percent of DWSD’s accounts are behind on payments, according to the department, and Detroit’s already-high water prices are on the rise, now averaging $75 a household — almost double the national average.

(Source: wocinsolidarity, via moyazb)


Would you buy records from these guys?? No? Well, we have CDs, tapes, and t-shirts, too!
Stop by our table at the CHIRP Record Fair inside Pitchfork Music Festival all weekend to say hey and grab some cool stuff — including the premiere of our new line of PV-themed temporary tattoos.
(P.S. Utter the secret code phrase “pickle pizza” to get a special gift while supplies last!)

Reblogging for secret code word for secret present surprise.
I hope the special gift is actually a slice of pickle pizza. 


Would you buy records from these guys?? No? Well, we have CDs, tapes, and t-shirts, too!

Stop by our table at the CHIRP Record Fair inside Pitchfork Music Festival all weekend to say hey and grab some cool stuff — including the premiere of our new line of PV-themed temporary tattoos.

(P.S. Utter the secret code phrase “pickle pizza” to get a special gift while supplies last!)


Reblogging for secret code word for secret present surprise.

I hope the special gift is actually a slice of pickle pizza. 

All That for This

The list of app deals I wanted to investigate this week made for a perfectly modest trip to Kroger: just under $3.50 out-of-pocket, but when the math is done, it really only cost about a quarter.

Yes, I hit the jackpot by finding a Manager’s Special Naked Juice, discounted because it’s approaching its expiration date. (If you’re just going to guzzle something in the parking lot, does it matter that it’s going to expire in a week?) The yogurt was on sale, and conventional bananas are pretty cheap.

Split up, that’s a $1.00 Chobani Simply 100, a $1.79 Naked Juice, and $0.44 worth of banananananas pictured above.


I used (1) a Checkout 51 rebate to take $0.25 off the bananas (any brand or amount) and $0.50 off the yogurt (any brand or amount),  (2) the ibotta app to get a $1.00 rebate on the Naked Juice, and  (3) Shopmium to pay me $0.30 for buying one Chobani Simply 100, and another $1.00 for buying the Naked Juice of a particular category (protein!).

That means I paid not $1.00 but $0.20 for my yogurt, not $0.44 but $0.19 for my two banaynays, and not $1.79 but, ahem, negative $0.21 for buying the Naked Juice. No, this isn’t a TLC show, but sometimes it does happen— you get “paid.”


In terms of net loss or gain, I’m out about $0.25, seriously. I figure that the pseudo-profit from my juice paid the tax for my treats, and now they’re all digested and on their way through the city sewage and water treatment system. Victory!

This has been your Couponing Without Coupons report of the day.  

Coupon Appdates / Stab at Organization

I want an early-in-the-week grocery list based on deals from the major couponing-without-coupons apps, Checkout 51, Shopmium, and ibotta. It’s not easy for me to keep all these little shits straight, especially with all the different Naked Juice deals, so, you know, lists. 


  • Yogurt, any kind or size, $0.50 off, Checkout 51.
  • Bananas, any, $0.25 off, Checkout 51. Why’d they give me/us another banana deal? idk, whatevs.
  • Earth Balance spreads, $0.25 rebate, Checkout 51.  
  • Naked Juices: Boosted, Chia, Protein, Pure Fruit, Veggies, Coconut Water, all $1 rebates, all Shopmium.
  • Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt, $0.30 off a 5.3oz cup, Shopmium. 
  • Annie’s Mac n Cheese, $0.35 off one box, Shopmium.
  • Barbara’s Puffins or Snackimals cereals, $1.50, Shopmium. Totes expensive, but occasionally on moderate sale at Kroger and Whole Foods.
  • eos Smooth Sphere lip balm. This is a curious one; it’s a Shopmium rebate for 20% off the purchase price (up to $1), but wimmins love this stuff, so I know it’ll make a good little present sometime. 
  • Earth Balance Spread - $1 rebate, ibotta.
  • So Delicious, any size/product, $1 rebate, ibotta.
  • Naked Juice - Kale Blazer, Naked Juice - Protein and Greens, Naked Juice - Chia, and Naked Juice - general “other.” 
  • Popchips, 3-4oz bags, $0.50 rebate, ibotta. I just want these now.

One last one: this isn’t my area of expertise, but if you need to chub up your babby, there are Shopmium and ibotta deals on PediaSure. Go wild!

Now that I’ve got a tentative list, the trick is to match up the app deals with store sales and other coups. For this task, I will be using the help of my two friends, Internet and Walking Endlessly Through Air-Conditioned Grocery Stores. We can do it!!


I dragged my ass to 7-11 for Free Slurpee Day and THE SLURPEE MACHINE WAS BROKEN. FUCK MY LIFE FOREVER.


New Favorite CLOTU Game

Geeves wants to know,

"What are your cats doing?” 

Moooooar! What are they doing now? Are 10/10 cats always hiding?

Go Bananas

There’s a Checkout 51 rebate on bananas ($0.50, but hey, it’s money) that I was intending to ignore until the new ones come out on… what? Wednesday? I think they update offers on Wednesdays. Obvy I don’t have my head very far up CO51’s app. But I was perusing the fruits at Aldi and saw the organic bananas were on sale, so I bought some.

When the tv show I’m marathoning lost my interest tonight, I consulted the coupon apps on my phone, figured all this out, submitted my receipt photo, and collected a cool half dollar. My six organic bananananas ended up being only $0.79.

still working on my fruit bowl game

sad onion meets banana family:

you guys are taking up an awful lot of space for newbies

$3 Movies at AMC Theaters

Thought you escaped seeing Need for Speed and Ride Along with me?! Not so fast!

Peep this sweet program I just saw explained on Southern Savers!

Catching Up

Last week sometime I packed my cat into a carrier he hates (with a shitty broken zipper that I hate), and headed south. If you already know I live in the south, you might be wondering where we ended up. 

Poolside in Florida, that’s where. Well, I was poolside. Geeves prefers to hide inside his tent, which is inside a closet, which is in the farthest away back bedroom, and only come out to explore at night. I think the expression he’s making here captures the fear and thrill of looking out onto what must seem, for him, like the giantest bathtub. Whyyyy??!

I organized my coups and caught up on clipping one night, pulling the 6/30 expies and filing away the ones I think I might use from the most recent Whole Deal. There’s one for Gardein fake meats that I reeeeally hope I can pair with a BOGO sale at Publix.

Right now I’m using Southern Savers for drugstore coupon match-ups so I don’t miss anything good this week, but I don’t have to do any work to figure it out. So far, it’s just free Brut deodorant at Kroger.

I’ll tell you, there’s nothing like staying in a virtually empty house for a week to make you realize what little stuff you actually use. I’m not talking about tiny shampoos or free Starbucks iced coffees (uh, I’ll always get & use those), I’m talking about how my apartment looks even more like a shitnest of unfilled papers and old receipts. And that’s after my cabin fever cleaning sessions from a couple weeks ago. 

So that’s what we’re up to, back at home, safe/sound. What are your cats doing?

Free Museum Weekend Reminder

Get wiped out by the art, not by the admission fee!


Sure, it’s a busy holiday weekend, but it’s also free museum weekend again. Thanks to Bank of America, during the first weekend of each month, customers can show their BoA cards at admissions and pay nothing, nada, zilch, zip, zero to get in and get their learn on. Deets & participating art museums, science museums, aquariums, and assorted history centers here. 

I went to the High last month and saved $19.50. What should I do this weekend? We can’t just stay home and light bottle rockets the whole time. 

lolololololol yes we can


Such gladness

Very fredom.


Such gladness

Very fredom.

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