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Making Out

Seriously, I made out like a bandit at Target and Kroger yesterday. There was a cereal promotion at Target this week that made mega sense if you had the right printable coupons, and a reasonable amount of sense if you had other printables, but was “just OK” if you don’t print coupons. And I did that deal (ta da!), but that is not even what I’m talking about. 


i managed $0.80/box for smallish boxes: excellent for a normy, decent for a cuteponer

What really flared my lens was the sale/clearance shopping I did yesterday. Organizing my printed coupons this week, I came across a single $3/1 Sally Hansen nail strips coupon that I printed from Swagbucks’ coupons maaaaybe a week ago, if that. Remembering that I saw some super-clearanced nail strips last week, I tried to find and print another—nope.

Fine, I can do enough damage with one. Remember that these are regularly $9.99? I found a clearance pack for $3.50, and got it for $0.50. And it’s cute, too—it’s pink and purple tie-dye, but it might be my favorite of all the nail sticker strips I’ve tried in the past year. 

imagewhich leads me to ask: what am i doing with my life 

Oh, right… I also just happened to find a Target store coupon for m&ms and a manufacturer’s coupon for m&ms. Stacked up with a sale (nothing spectacular: $2.89/bag), I bought two bags for $1.39 each. 

imageat least geeves has a full-time job

Then I trotskied over to the fancy Kroger, intending to use my last two Odwalla coups while the getting was good. I found mini coffee-milks on Manager’s Special for $0.50 each, down from $1.99. Juices for $0.75, milksters for $0.50. Rah! The power!

imagecorporate juice soldiers and cow milk mercenaries joined by fur tank

Perhaps the glee from such a find is a bit personal. You know I don’t drink much cow milk, but I do drink plenty of coffee, and not black. So if I run out of soy milk or almond milk or rice milk or ice cream or whatever I can use to swirl into my coffee, it’s like the morning apocalypse of inconvenience and self-loathing over here.

In an effort to avoid that situation through constant planning and maintenance, I scooped up six of the little coffee-milks to freeze in case of a coffee-supplement-emergency. Not to drink instead of coffee, see, but to pour into my coffee. Without diluting the coffee! Get it?! Fah fah fah fah ahmigob awesome.


what’s missing?

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